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 Obiekt Pracownia Witrazy I Mozaiki Poznan, Wielkopolska, Witraze Koscielne, Renowacja Witrazy, Mozaika Sakralna, Renowacja Mozaiki

On this webpage we present the events associated with our professional and artistic work.

In 2010 we participated in Sixieme Biennale du Vitrail in Bourg-la-Reine near Paris.

In 2011 I was awarded a PhD degree at the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass, the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław.

One of the components of the PhD examination was a stained glass exhibition.

In February 2012, my wife and I opened an exhibition entitled “An Ordinary Marriage, an Extraordinary Artistic Work” at the Archdiocese Museum in Poznań. In the exhibition we have displayed sculpture works, stained-glass sculptures, stained glass and watercolor paintings.